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Consistently, high level of customer service combined with the impeccable standards of workmanship and product quality have kept POLARIS AUTOMATION SYSTEMS at the forefront of the security and automation sectors in Lebanon. In order to guarantee a professional work for our customers, we have created special ties with European, North American, and Korean suppliers known to be the best in their business. A special relationship was established with many companies, of which:
AirIT – USA: Air‐Transport IT Services, Inc. (formerly debis ‐ Services by DaimlerChrysler) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fraport – Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide and is considered to be a world leader in providing turnkey integrated solutions to the transportation industry.
Air‐Transport IT Services, Inc. is a single source provider and integrator of diversified information technology products and services to the air transportation and seaport industry, offering a full complement of operations, passenger processing and business management systems. From the ramp to revenue management, AirIT has more than 20 years experience providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated technology solutions and services including system integration, software, hardware, network, installation, and 24x7 service, support and help desk.
SAMSUNG Techwin – Korea: Based on 30 years of experience in optical imaging technologies, Samsung Techwin has developed and released a wide range of advanced security equipment including surveillance cameras, DVRs, access control readers & controllers. With world‐class Optical/imaging technologies, highly reliable manufacturing facilities, and strict post‐sales management & support Systems, Samsung Techwin is focused on becoming a World Leader in surveillance equipment, imaging and access control applications.
• TDSI – UK: A worldwide leader in the access control field, TDSI sets the standards in access control innovation. Its wide range of modular and expandable controllers makes the design of small and large access control projects an easy job. In addition to Intruder alarm and CCTV integration, TDSI developed a joint venture with Mifare to introduce the new multifunctional sector card. (One card controls: Vending Machines, Access Control, ATM, Time Attendance…).
• J.Propster – Germany: Lightning Protection and Surge arrestor manufacturer. J.Propster is world renowned for its inventions and patents of the "Niro" clip system that has reduced the installation time of Faraday cage systems by half.
• Ingesco – Spain: The Spanish leading company in the sector of lightning prevention and protection. Ingesco offers high quality lightning rods and protection devices; developing their own technology detecting in advance electric storms. Ingesco is considered one of the best Early Streamer Emitters manufacturers in the word. Its products fully comply with UNE 21.186 and NF C‐17 102 standards.
• Alltec – USA: Alltec Corporation is a leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of lightning protection and grounding systems. Alltec warehouses a full inventory of UL® approved lightning protection and grounding systems as well as a complete line of surge suppression products.
• Ziton ‐ UK: A subsidiary of UTC & GE Security. It has a complete line of conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems. EN54 and UL listed.
• Tormax – Switzerland: A pioneer in the field of glass door automation (Sliding, curved, telescoping, revolving, etc..) fully interfaced with BMS systems.
• Cardin – Italy: has developed a joint venture with the US leader in the automation business Technocity ‐ USA in order to achieve a full range of electromechanical systems which set the new standards in the automation field Cardin offers a distinctive range of products in the Barrier and Gates automation sector.
• Tait Radio Communications ‐ New Zealand: is a global leader in designing and delivering radio solutions which are the right fit for a variety of industries, including public safety agencies, government services, utilities and urban transport providers. Across the world, users of Tait products and services are better able to protect themselves and the public, be more responsive and more efficient.

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Polaris AS was awarded Beirut Marina Waterfront Plot 1 & 2.

Polaris AS was awarded AVIMET project at Beirut International Airport.

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