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The Fastlane Range

The Fastlane entrance control range has been developed to meet the changing requirements of the modern building environment. The wide range of solutions is designed to meet the different balance of security, convenience and aesthetics you require.

The Fastlane design concept allows a flexible approach to providing effective entrance control in areas where previously security had been desirable but the associated aesthetic implications had been unwelcome or prohibitive.

Fastlane systems are designed using the latest infrared technology, either with or without the integration of physical barriers, to bring you the very latest in high tech entrance technology for the modern business environment.

Integrated Design is committed to making the project a success from helping with the initial security assessment to product selection and the implementation of a successful entrance control solution.

Advanced Intelligence

At the heart of a Fastlane system is a multi infra- red beam matrix coupled with a custom designed microprocessor...

Barrier Arm Turnstiles

Fastlane plus is the very latest in high tech entrance control systems...  

Fastlane Speedgates

Fastlane Speedgates are the very latest in high tech entrance control systems... 

Optical Turnstiles

Fastlane is a state of the art ‘optical turnstile', which replaces the need for an obtrusive physical barrier by utilising active infra-red beams...

Tailgate Detection

Fastlane Door Detective is designed to increase the level of security at any door that uses access control... 

Tripod Turnstiles and Passgates

The cost effective Fastlane Classic Entrance Control range is made up of tripod turnstiles and passgates for disabled access...

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Polaris AS was awarded Beirut Marina Waterfront Plot 1 & 2.

Polaris AS was awarded AVIMET project at Beirut International Airport.

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