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Extended Airline System Environment


Airports are increasingly looking for ways to "do more with less" in terms of utilization of their facilities. The application of increasingly affordable, technology-based solutions allows airports to attract and handle more business, process passengers and their baggage more efficiently, improve security, and save money.

AirIT, the industry leader in airport systems integration, now provides an open airport information system that will allow airlines to run the check-in and boarding software of their choice, and still retain all the benefits of a fully-functional common use environment.

AirIT's Extended Airline System Environment (EASE™) platform allows airlines to extend their applications onto the airport's common use systems environment.

EASE™ can be implemented by any size airport at a cost far below those of traditional common use systems, which are typically based on proprietary software and restricted to using only those operating systems, computers, and peripherals approved by the system vendor.

The EASE™ platform is a PC-based common use system that has been designed and built so that airlines can use their own native software and connect directly to their own Wide Area Networks (WANs). Interfaces are provided to the airport's Baggage Sortation System (BSS) and Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) equipment, and the network can be connected to governmental agencies like customs and immigration.

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Polaris AS was awarded Beirut Marina Waterfront Plot 1 & 2.

Polaris AS was awarded AVIMET project at Beirut International Airport.

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