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TerraWeld® Exothermic Welding System


The TerraWeld® Exothermic Welding System provides the ultimate in permanent molecular bonding. The process of exothermic welding, in which no outside source of heat or power is required, is the universally preferred method of making electrical connections of copper-to-copper or copper-to-steel. Lightning protection and grounding systems require connections that maintain current carrying capacity exceeding that of the conductors used in the system. TerraWeld® connections provide higher fusing capacity than the conductors to which they are bonded. System resistance, impedance, and capacity relate directly to functionality, safety, and regulatory compliance. TerraWeld® meets these challenges and delivers assurance.

TerraWeld® connections provide performance superior to all existing surface-to-surface mechanical retention connectors. Pressure type connections are susceptible to variation, aging, corrosion, and failure--not TerraWeld®. One click of the starter forges a visually unacceptable, uniformly conductive, corrosion resistant, continuous solid metal bonding at the molecular level resulting in the only connection which will not loosen or increase in resistance over the lifetime of the installation.

Alltec’s hermetically sealed metalized pouch design is unique in the industry. Containing p remeasured granular metallic particles with a separate sealed tube of starting powder, the materials are not in contact and may be safely handled, stored, and transported. Users may confidently and comfortably drop a few packages in their pocket before heading to a site, and rely on its capability even after prolonged exposure to the elements. TerraWeld® works when others won’t.

The TerraWeld® Exothermic Welding System uses a light-weight, clamp-on graphite mold to safely position and contain any weld required. The exothermic reaction creates an intense miniature furnace with temperatures exceeding 2,500 °F, instantly producing molten metal which flows into the weld cavity, filling any available space. Moments later the mold may be removed in preparation for the next weld.

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Polaris AS was awarded Beirut Marina Waterfront Plot 1 & 2.

Polaris AS was awarded AVIMET project at Beirut International Airport.

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