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For industrial applications, such as factories, surveillance systems are used for both security and operational purposes. For instance, surveillance can be used to check machinery particularly in dangerous or hard to reach places without the need to stop operation.
Staff safety is also of paramount importance within these operations and a good surveillance system can ensure that staff members are operating within the correct parameters.

External areas also benefit from security and blind-spot areas can be effectively monitored, as can car parks and entrances.
Samsung Techwin is able to combine all of these uses for surveillance into a fully integrated solution which allows various staff and security team members to use specific areas of the surveillance system for different purposes. For example; the security manager may want to review a recording of the car park from the previous night from the control room while at the same time an employee may wish to check the status of a piece of machinery using the PC on their desk. Both can simultaneously access the system and obtain the information they need.

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